Toshiba 47WLT66 LCD or Samsung PS50Q7 PLASMA ?


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awk don't be shy ! :lease:

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I would recommend the 42" Panny over the Samsung but IMO, PDP are better then LCD but PDP do needs caring.

Latest PDPs have less chances of burn-in then older models, but I recommend to lower the luminance on the PDP (on some TV’s luminance is controlled by brightness or contrast setting) by half for the first 200 hours of use, because burn-in occurs when the pixels are fresh. The cause of burn-in is when static image (a non moving image) left on the screen for long period of time. If there are any static images, refresh the screen every three hours. Refreshing the screen manually could be anything form change the channel for 2 min changing it back. If you’re playing games or watching TV that has cut scene or commercial every 20 minutes, you don’t have to manually refresh the screen. Also try to use full screen, meaning, “zoom” in to remove the black bars when watching movies and 4:3 videos.

Most manufactures integrate burn prevention functionality to PDPs to remove/reduce burn-in. To find out if the PDP you want have pixel burn prevention, visit the manufactures website.


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so which one do you suggest.

if you had a choice of buy a plasma or a LCD what would you go for ?

I plan to get a dvd player with hdmi and sony home cinema with two hdmi sockets.

the tv will 99% of the time be used to watch sky and the odd film or two.

i need all the help i can get.

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