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Hi I’ve got a smart 3D toshiba 47L7453d tv and the screen went black. Took it to a repair shop and had various parts changed and it’s still not working. There’s no picture now even if you shine a touch onto the screen. I’ve had the tv 5-6 years it’s stayed in the same place and has not been banged or misused.
has anyone got an idea of what it can be and if not can I get toshiba to cough up for a new one. It was not cheap in the receipt of £1000-£1500.
Many thanks


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No one here can tell you “what it can be”.
The one's that can are the guys in the repair shop, they must have told you something when they delivered it back or when you collected it from them after they inspected it.
No, you won't be able to get Toshiba to “cough up” for a new one, certainly not after 6 years.


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Toshiba pulled out of the European TV market not long after you bought your TV, I don't know who was handling the warranty but I suspect they weren't offering six years of it.

Toshiba don't even have a TV division anymore, they've been selling it off since. I think the European division went to Vestel early on then the rest went to Hisense a couple of years ago.

It's worth a chat with the repairers to understand what went wrong. If it's a design or manufacturing issue rather than just part of the normal small proportion of stuff that fails early then your consumer rights may require the retailer you bought it from to do something about it. Although the limit for claiming under them is 5-6 years from date of delivery.


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its actually made in turkey and they add toshiba name to it - my tv repair man said it would most likely be the LED's breaking down as my friend has just had same problem his tv is fine then it switches off when he turns it back on all he has is sound - my engineer explained that when the LED's start to fail the micro processor inside says to itself there a problem here i cant supply the power they need and then switches tv off-- hope this helps

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