toshiba 46wl768


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Nov 9, 2006
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just been reading about this set...looks VERY interesting. LED, 3d, 200hz, Jacob Jensesn designed frame (??!!) etc etc

also has extra subwoofer for a bit of base and special 3d processing which adjusts the picture so 3d image isn't too dim.

anybody seen them about or know any more about them??

i have seen them listed for sale in a few places for about £1,300 which seems pretty decent to me....(if toshiba can just sort their quality control out then this could be a winner)
oops, sorry ,....this should probably be in the 3DTV section.....
Yeah I'm looking at this set too. There's a thread with a 55" owner posting in it, seems happy enough aside from some backlight woes (minor compared to his previous sets I think).

I'll have to wait for the price to drop a bit for the 46" but the 55" is great value compared to other sets, not sure I can get on with one that large.. well I can but the other half probably can't, she watches more TV than me - a lot of SD - not sure 55" SD 7-8ft away is a good thing for her mood ;)
i'm just loathed to replace my set as i'm very happy with had a new panel about a year ago due to dodgy backlight issues and the new panel is excellent....i just feel the need for 3D at the minute and have always thought the pq on toshiba's sets was particularly good.

if the 46" set drops to near £1k then i'll be very tempted

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