Toshiba 46 WHO8B Component Video interference

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by charles, May 1, 2002.

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    Connecting any DVD player to this set using the component inputs there is a noticeable transparent wavy pattern in the background which most pronounced towards the centre of the screen.The pattern is straight and at right angles with the lines around a half inch apart.The effect is similar to watching terrestial Tv when a strong signal is being picked up from another transmitter during freak weather programmes.I have isolated the TV from all other sources and had only the DVD players connected(a Pioneer 737 and Toshiba 210) but to no avail.The effect is most noticeable if you switch on yhe DVD without a disc,select AV4 the component input and then see the blue screen on the TV.Select AV4 without switching on the DVD or select AV1 on RGB scart and everything is fine. Any ideas what is causing this and how I can get rid of this effect?. By the way the Toshiba is more noticeable than the Pioneer and a change of cables makes no difference.
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    I've come across this problem aswell. I've got a Toshiba 40WHO8B and whenever I connect my Toshiba SD-210E DVD player to it using the Component connection, in very dark scenes I get thick grey transparent lines flickering across the screen, even when paused. I've altered the screen brightness/contrast etc but it is still there. But when connected using RGB scart the dark scenes are stable with no interference!!!. I've even changed the cables to some very high quality IXOS interconnects, and apart from the picture being sharper and more vibrant than before, the interference is still there!!!!!!!! - so it must be the DVD player or even the TV.
    I've been looking on this forum for a while now and have found no answers.
    Maybe Toshiba know anything about this problem.

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