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My Toshiba 46XF355DB has developed a line down the left hand side of the screen and i see from yout forum this topic is a path well travelled. I bought it 28/07/2008 for £999.99 at Comet.

It was a bedroom tv for the first 3 years then in full use the last 13 months the line goes after 10 mins and only appears when set is first used. \ive read the posts in this forum which have been very useful and have contacted Toshiba about the fault and was told that they should have kept spares for 6 years and did not as the screen has a known fault. I was told i will recieve a phone call from Toshiba head office yesterday which didnt happen but in their defence i returned home last night to find they have sent me a Uplift For Credit (UFC) which i promptly took to my Comet retailer last night.

It was met with empty stares even the manager told me she has never had this before and as it was the evening she couldnt contact anyone about this and would make enquiries and call me today which she hasnt. Ive pre-empted this by contacting Toshiba and they have informed me to wait til 4pm today and then ask Toshiba to do the chasing.

Has anyone has this problem recently as the previous thread is quite old on here? Am i likely to recieve anything as the set is 49 months old ? Any help would be appreciated


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Just purchased the tv you mentioned above! Really impressed with it I'm sure you won't be disappointed, 3D works really well too !

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