Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem


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Jan 2, 2022
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Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem

My two year old Toshiba 43T6863DB 43" TV has an intermittent fault that has baffled local repair people.
The backlight fails, but when the TV is laid horizontally and the back panel removed, it recovers. I initially thought this was down to cable jiggling, and that there was a bad edge connector somewhere, but now I'm not so sure. Once the backlight is back on and the TV replaced it works for a while - maybe a few hours to a few days, and then it fails again.

When it fails, you can remove the back cover, do nothing else, then replace it and it works again. This is not a repair strategy I want to continue with!

Has anyone seen this fault and any thoughts about what might be causing it? My pet theory is that this is a dry solder joint somewhere - in which case, where should I look to try to reflow it?

A dry joint is the first thing any self-respecting experienced TV repairman would suspect with those symptoms.
Surely they've had a go at reflowing the most likely area which is the inverter?
TBH I wouldn’t advocate you having a go yourself, you should be taking it up with the retailer you bought it from.
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Thanks - the retailer is using the usual "out of warranty" argument, but I have pushed back arguing a backlight should last longer than 2 years. Regarding the repairmen: both local specialists are saying I should just buy new backlights, which, after listening to them, I've declined. They can't explain why the backlights function after the back's been taken off and so I'm thinking it's just a lazy diagnosis. "Faulty backlight? Get new backlight mate". Of course it's me who'll be stumping up for new unnecessary backlights, which will, in all likelihood, do the same thing.
(Unless the inverter is part of the new backlight board in which case I may be in the wrong.)
Ive got the same TV (my sons) and it turns on with sound but screen is black, can see writing for source etc in backrgound but wont light up

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