Toshiba 43J22P - Trying To Connect Ninetndo Wii


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can someone please help me i am trying to fit a nintendo wii to my toshiba 43j22p television.....
l have a virgin+ box to it (l have tried it in the scart plug, no picture) and a dvd player (also tried it in there) l have also tried fitting the plugs on the side, yellow red white plugs, still its not working, l do not have a remote control so l have to try and tune it in manually.:lease:



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you shouldnt have to 'tune' into a composite input, it should appear if your on the right input on the tv


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> l do not have a remote control so l have to try and tune it in manually

I believe it's all about setting input on the TV to listen to the correct port. My Toshiba has several inputs and in order to flick between them you need to tell the TV which input to listen to. Without a remote I don't see how you can do this as the button to switch inputs is on there. Can't you buy a universal remote?

Failing that, I guess you'll have to just unplug the Virgin box each time.

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