toshiba 42wt29b under £1000

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by huracain, Dec 8, 2003.

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    just got mine the other day from cash converters for £940 cash with a bit of haggling bran new graded ther come straight from toshiba .ther graded as ther dont come with rear speakers .but mine was new straight out of the box .unmarked and as fresh as a daisy .i was lucky as the shop had 5 in the store thursday 3pm i read all reveiws whent back next day sold out even the 3 42wt29 ( withought digital tuner ) all sold out .lucky for me ther where waiting for more stock from toshiba .so got mine .so any ways my quick reveiw .as normaly a sony man i have the sony 41 inch rear projector digital tuner. as said read all reveiws on the toshiba 42wt29b .and the only bad things i could read was the soft picture and only 1 rgb scart out of 3 .not alot realy .ok so i got it turned on .was well inpressed with the picture quality.but did notice the soft picture especialy .in light picture conditions where say a skiing program or the sun relection catching somones face you could almost see was almost transparent no depth to the picture . so at first thought the reveiws where spot on .even though i am the pickiest person in the world beleive me when i say this .the softness wouldnt even of been noticed unless i was looking for it .and in honestly my sony wasnt that far behind.but to my suprise after a few hours of the tv warming up the softness disapeared .the picture was sharp and strong in depth the scin shades and the tranparency whent completly .the colours strong the layers of depth was outstanding i am over the moon with this and especialy for the price .i am reveiwing this as i go as i havent had it long .but if anyone has any questions please email or post here . ohh by t he way can anyone recomend a good toshiba dvd player that plays all formats thank u for any help
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    huracain..welcome to a new member.

    I think I can decipher what you're after from your post,although that great slab of unpunctuated text doesnt help.

    Good to see you're pleased with a good buy.....I take it from your question that you want a Toshiba DVD player that will play DVD/DVD-A/SACD etc as well as all the CD based formats.

    If you are,then as far as I can see currently,you're out of luck,as only the SD-9500 will decode DVD-A in addition to the usual formats,and it doesnt do SACD.

    Hope that helps.

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