Toshiba 42WT29B (Major Problem!!!) Or Not?

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    :rtfm: Yes! I really do feel like, throwing the "Freakin' Customer Care manual at Toshiba..... :thumbsdow

    Talk about being a long term customer! a "Loyal Customer" some 20 years. . What has happened to their quality service & backup |"It's :censored: out the window that's were it's gone!!!

    Well I see from this forum there are also quite few, 42WT29B owners out there. But I don't think you have in-counted the problems, I am now having :rolleyes: !!! ( I hope not anyway, but do let me know if you have had any such problem? ) ASAP?

    OK Now the early teething troubles.

    This TV was very sensitive to pressing the remote to quickly, this
    sometimes would course the TV to lockup & then switch off.
    This started to happen on & of every now & then. ( First 4-6 months)
    ( Restarting the TV, it was back to normal )

    Now this locking up has got a lot worse, in fact when you first switch
    the TV on in the morning & then say in about 10-20m you put the TV on
    standby. When you click the red button i.e. to restart, you get "Nothing"
    no sound / picture! some times you can get menus, but no picture.
    If you then switch off and leave it for say 30-45 & return & you just get
    sound & menu + you can not change to another channel! the red button simply stops responding. Also none of the manual buttons on the TV work either?

    The sooner the TV is put on standby, or switch off with in a sort time
    the more problems you get. If the TV is simply switched on and left on for
    say 3-4h, then switched off, and not used for say 5-8 know problems.
    ( No problem with sound or picture )

    Now to date!!! It's getting really :devil: now!
    It's totally locking up, it is not even coming on hardly at all, within... say 12-24h of none use :rolleyes: When it does come on, I can get sound but know picture, I some times get a 3D Red Green & Blue ghost Image. Now were are my 3D Glasses

    Also some times, when I switch the TV on and get nothing 10-20 later, It comes on :) & I get sound & picture. But get this, If I try and switch channel? No nothing!!! ( 1 channel viewing tonight )
    :devil: Tosh TV

    For any tech, reading this :lease: HELP!!!
    When the TV does lockup, and the only thing you can do! (Is turn it off)
    "You hear a repeat relay" not the proper (1) click & fade out? when you turn it off. I know all 3 bubs are A-OK, it does sound like a software/hardware problem, causing it to lock up. What do you think?


    Oh-Yes Toshiba don't think I'm having any problems! :confused: They will only look into it when I have!

    "Before any decision is made regarding your television, Customer Services will require a service report from a qualified engineer detailing the actual problems. This report will have to be sent to Customer Services to investigate the matter fully." So much for 6 emails & 2 letter going into great detail, regarding problem. Thanks Toshiba

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