Toshiba 42WT29 Road Test



After 2 months of research (sad or what) it arrived on Saturday along with the Toshiba 220e DVD.

Except for minor problems encountered with hooking up the DVD using component (thanks guys) set up was a dream, all intuitive and very easy.

As soon as the set was switched on it automatically "tuned" in to nearly 50 digital channels and put them in an order that I didn't need to alter. The digital channels are crystal clear, I didn't imagine that the picture could be so good, I was and am still amazed at the clarity.

However, select ATV (analogue) and let the set tune in and the pictures were and still are really **** poor. Now this is not a real problem as the digital channels are all I need except for one thing. Sky is decoded and fed to another TV and thence to all TV's in the house. The Toshiba treats sky as an analogue source and consequently the picture is very poor. However, by simply moving the sky decoder to feed the Toshiba this will not be a problem.

I have not attempted to manually converge the TV and am still viewing the settings that came from the factory, except for brightness and contrast that I have reset to 35 each from 100. The manual for the TV warns about leaving still images on the TV and points out that screen burn is not covered under warranty and is regarded as misuse.

The TV's strong point (and why it was purchased, as it's a "second set") is with DVD playback via component and the optical digital audio. I tested it with Harry Potter and it can't be faulted. Bear in mind though that I am no expert at all.

It auto switched to wide screen mode, I had no screen bend or colours that shouldn't be there, just glorious pictures, sharp and clear.

The set was purchased from empire direct, they delivered when they said they would and everything turned up as ordered. The only extra I purchased was a monster component cable which at £70 was half as expensive as the DVD player. I did originally hook up the system via RGB scart and the difference with component really is apparent.

The only downside that I can see is that unless you hook up external front speakers you dont get a centre channel (front speakers are optional)

Am I pleased ? completely, I just wish that I had ordered the 50WT29.

If anyone wants to know anything else then just ask,


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