Toshiba 42WLT66


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Does anyone know a good deal for the Toshiba 42WLT66 model or codes to bring it down a bit?

Comet have them for £1187 at moment so surely we can beat that online somewhere!

Cheers for now! :hiya:


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Not alot cheaper but here's the list


1080i is correct
can someone please help me , silly question perhaps , but I just cannot find an answer,

I am interested in buying an LCD ,perhaps even this one in the title thread, my problem is that it wont be going on a wall , but be sitting on a stand in a corner of a room (crt style) , now what concerns me is I have 2 young kids and they seem to like to attack the tv screen , with a crt it doesn't matter as the weight of the object makes it unmovable, obviously with an expensive lcd i fear that it will get pushed over,
what can i do to secure an lcd (even this tosihiba) to a wooden stand ??
(in this tv's pdf in mentions a bracket that attaches to a flat wall , but mine would be a corner)

is this a silly question ? :lease: :lease:

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