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toshiba 42wlt58 reveiws anyone!


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Only got a 3* rating in April's "What HiFi Sound & Vision". (Page 36).

But then, that's the reviewers opinion !!



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meatmaster said:
can anyone help me i need some info on this tv is it any good

Having had the set for a couple of weeks now & pretty much set it up as I want it I am Very Pleased with my purchase. Definitely go the Extra expense & purchase some top quality connectivity cables from the like of IXOS & QED to get the very best out of the Television. Just connecting up my SKY Box via an IXOS scart improved the image & delivered a greater sharpness to the definition. Watching a DVD via a QED Quenex HDMI-P Digital Cable delivers an Awesome picture that with my Upscaling DVD player / recorder delivers a 3D depth of unbelievable definition in many scenes.
I am so pleased that I went the Extra inches up from the popular 37'' model & purchased the 42'' as it truly gives that Cinema at home feel beyond anything else I have experienced by far. Take the time & trouble to read all of the instruction manual & follow the setup to ensure you get the very best out of the Television to suit your own needs & expectations will be met.
I , like many , noticed some speaker crackle at a certain sound level but as I use my AV system for sound the TV sound is actually turned off now anyway so no real issue at all there.
Not all channels will provide you with that breathtaking awe of visual overload but that quite simply & factually is down to the broadcast material , but the main channels & definitely the DTV ones deliver a very nice visual. Without question though sitting down to watch a DVD is truly Fantastic. To think that the Best is yet to come as well with the introduction of High Definition channels soon so that HDMI channel can really blow the mind.
My humble opinion is that this is the Best home Televion set up I have yet purchased by quite a distance & I am revelling in the viewing experience each & every day :) .


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in2deep said:
You like it then? ;)

Kinda shows eh ;) . Like yourself I also noticed how the picture quality does seem to 'Settle in' & definitely improves after viewing / being in operation for a few days. Odd , but very agreeable.


pkalva said:
Only got a 3* rating in April's "What HiFi Sound & Vision". (Page 36).

But then, that's the reviewers opinion !!


On that review the TV is priced @ £2700. They say you can get a better one for the same price. I wonder what marks they would of give it with a price of £1500. I have had this TV now for about 6 weeks and cannot fault it. BTW I paid £1950 from Martin Dawes with a free wall bracket (which was crap as it brought the TV about a foot from the wall):mad:


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My 42WLT58 was delivered yesterday £1520 from freemans using the 20% off code (see one of the other threads).

PQ seemed a bit poor at first but after reading it takes a while for the screen to bed in i left it on all day just on a normal tv channel while i worked upstairs. By the end of the day the image was much better.

Played with settings to get Sky pretty crisp. Connected 360 via VGA cable and this is eyewateringly good. Also not heard any of speaker crakcle other people have mentioned.

Have an older Sony DVD player connected via a Thor scart and this is also top notch PQ.

Very pleased indeed and completely satisfied with purchase. :clap:

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