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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by cocis91, May 4, 2004.

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    Just thought I'd broadcast to all you people who were like me 2 weeks ago when I was completely confused about what big screen TV to spend my reddies on.

    I got a Tosh 42WH36 and am stunned at the picture quality. I spent a number of years in the 'doldrums' over a rear-pro due mainly) to the bloody crap signals that the likes of Dixons and Comet tend to put through their screens. I was under the impression that rear-pros were fuzzy and grainy.

    Thanks to this forum, and the superb posts of Demon (who is a semi-God in this specialised field), I decided on the aforementioned TV.

    Points to note are the excellent sharpness of the picture, the superb dark reproduction and the aesthetic look of the telly.

    I now have pride in my TV knowing that it outclasses most plasmas (which are usually mounted on units that encroach on your lounge far more that a RPTV).

    GET ONE!!! - mine only cost 905.99 + pp from TV&Video Direct!

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