Toshiba 42wh36 discontinued?


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Just had a call from Hi Spek with whom I'd ordered my 42wh36 last week to say they were no longer able to source me a TV as they had just had an e-mail from Toshiba to say that they could not supply them anymore as it had been discontinued.

They will refund may card on Monday.

Has anybody else had this?

I have just re-ordered with Comet @ £80.00 more expensive but they did throw in free delivery for Tuesday after a bit of haggling.

Also contacted Barclaycard for extra warranty and they gave it to me. They also sold me an extra 5 year warranty for only £135.00 as a special which I took. This covers all parts and labour, call out charges, New for Old and accidental damage as a bonus.

Thought this was pretty reasonable.

At least I'm getting my TV a week sooner than I thought with 6 years peace of mind.


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This is bad news if Hi Spek are correct. I want to buy one of these myself but I have been putting it off as I may be moving house later in the year and it makes more sense to have it delivered to the new place. I’ve just emailed Toshiba and I will post their answer as soon as I receive it.


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42wh38 is like the 424w36 but with dolby digital or pro logic speaker set. I saw it in Currys and looks identical. I myself bought the 42wh36 as i wanted to hook it up to my own amp and speakers.

Its a shame if toshiba have discontinued this model as it was a good model by them.


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I phoned up Toshiba this morning to query whether the 42WH36 was being discontinued or not. They said it wasn't but dont think they would have told me anyway. The person I was talking to did not inspire me with any confidence as they didn't even know what the 42WH36 was at first.



I tried for weeks to buy a 51wh36 with no luck,all online stores had no stocks and toshiba were no help at all. I went into currys and they told me this series is now discontinued due to poor sales. I thought this was a new model?


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Toshiba replied to my email with the following:

The 42WH36 is part of last year's range, and has not been discontinued. We will be releasing the next generation of rear projection TV's towards the end of Spring. If you wish to contact us towards the end of April we will have the relevant information and specification on the new products.

So I have a bit of a dilemma now – do I get a 42wh36 or wait for the new model?


It's confirmed, Toshiba will release the new 51WH46P and the 42WH46P in May.

The 57" will remain the same.

- 130 cm Bildschirmdiagonale/16:9
- 100 Hz
- Super Brightron PRO Bildröhre
- Digitaler Kammfilter
- Rauschunterdrückung
- Colour Detail Enhancer - CDE
- Colour Transient Improvement - CTI
- Super Real Transient
- Black Stretch
- Convergence Protection

- 2 x 65 Watt Musikleistung
- Bassverstärker

- Megatext (128 Seiten)

- 3x SCART
- Front S-VHS + AV Eingang
- Component In (YUV)
- Audio In (Cinch)
- Audio Out (Cinch)
- Subwooferausgang
- Kopfhörerausgang

42 WH 46 P: Design und Technik baugleich mit 51 WH 46 P, jedoch mit 107 cm Bildschirmdiagonale/16:9.

Abbildung 51 WH 46 P und 42 WH 46 P identisch

Lieferstart: Mai 2004


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Hi, any idea what will be the improvement with the new model ?
Cause I'm not really interested on dolby digital. I'm about to get that model but willing to wait if there is something important in the new model :blush:


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Isn't convergence protection something the current model has? Something to do with the tubes being shielded from magnetic fields so that convergence is not affected, I think.

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