Toshiba 42WH18b and Danglies

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    I have had my Toshiba for a week now and a couple of days after I had had it delivered I noticed a small yellow patch visible on the lower right hand edge of the screen which was most noticible in 4:3 mode with the white bars. I spent ages thinking that it was some kind of errant magnetic field and tried moving speakers, amps and anything else electrical in order to cure it but to no avail. Then today I moved the TV slightly to get to a cable and I saw the yellow patch move. moving the TV a bit more it is quite clear that the yellow patch is caused by a cable or something dangling in front of one of the guns within the unit itself. I suspect that it is going to be a number of days before I can contact anyone about this let alone get it replaced.

    I have a couple of questions that perhaps someone can help me with:

    1. Is the space between the projection guns and the screen a sealed space i.e. for the prevention of dust ingress on the mirror, guns and screen?

    2. When I try to adjust the convergence it always seems that the further to the right the crosses are the less in focus they seem to be, I can align the red and blue with the green to make pure white crosses but it just seems that the crosses are more blurred on the right. Can you adjust the focus as well as the convergence?


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