Toshiba 42pw23p viewing angle?

I'm getting dangerously close to ordering this tv, having heard so many positive things about it. But one thing i am worried about is the viewing angle. How far to the left/right of the picture can you be before the pic darkens? My viewing position is 8' from the screen. Would sitting 3 or 4 feet from the center of screen be any different from directly in front of the screen?



I dont own this set, but have been around it a fair bit. The viewing angles are quite amazing for a RPTV really. 4 feet off center, at 8 foot back ( about 45 degree angle ) would be fine. In fact, 8 foot off center at 8 foot back ( 90 degrees ) and the picture may start to fade, but even then, not by that much.
Its an awsome set. the only thing that stopped me was lack of Picture in Picture. I still get a little sad when I see one in the stores! Go for it. You'll be very happy.

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