TOSHIBA 42PW23P Owners please look in -

are there any members with this set that could have a look at some pics i took of my 42pw23p and let me know if i should send it back? i can email the pics to you and would greatly appreciate your input as to whether it is cause enough for me to get a replacement.


edit: this is concerning the red tint down the right of the screen.
come on guys, i need to know if your tv looks like this. they're only small pics but i don't have any webspace so i need to email them.


i have also had this problem,adustment in the convergence menu has helped a little but still noticable.i've got a red tinge down both sides of the sreen about a third in either side.
sent mine back and got a refund, they didn't have anymore in stock so i'm looking elswhere. if you can't get a refund you should call toshiba and ask them for advice. it's definitely a fault so it needs reparing. good luck


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Can I ask where you got the TV from? I'm curious as I've just bought the "last" one from Hi-fi confidential....this isn't the same set is it? :rolleyes:

What was you overall impression of the pic aside from the tinting issues?
from comet. apart from the tinting, which was terrible, the picture was quite good. and it had component in which toshiba have now removed from their new models(idiots!).

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