Toshiba 42C3030DB for watching Footy?


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I'm looking for a replacement for my Samsung LE32R71WX and lined up the Toshiba as a replacement.

I'll use it for watching a wide mix of stuff both in Sky SD and HD but one of the main reasons for going for a larger TV is for watching football in HD. I've read a few reviews on this TV and one specifically states "football" and "look away" as quoted below -

But if you're a football fan, look away now. With both standard- and hi-def broadcasts, the set has a tricky time resolving the dense detail on the pitch as the camera follows the ball, resulting in some ugly and disorienting shimmering and blurring.

The players and ball are sharply resolved, but we couldn't take our eyes off those distracting pitch artefacts

Has anyone got this TV and can they confirm if it's really that bad?


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I had a quick butchers at the 42C3030 in John Lewis today and it had some HD football on. I was quite impressed, I couldn't notice any ghosting. But then again I didn't have much time with the set. Perhaps you could venture down to a store and see it in action yourself. You will ALWAYS hear negative remarks about every set you ever see, so don't judge by those too much.


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I've currently got a Samsung (model metioned in my OP) and to be honest although not the best TV ever it seems fine when watching HD football.

I was just a bit reluctant to spend £650 (ish) on a replacement if footy was going to be awful.


I have a 37C3030 and saw footy on it the other night, i'm not a footy fan but i've heard this is the worst test for lcd's. The picture looked very smooth and sharp, even when there was lots of panning and zooming there was no real blur or shimmer. I'd say ignore that B******* and check one out for yourself, I guarantee once calibrated you won't beat this tv for the price.

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