Toshiba 42C3030D


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I loved my current Toshiba LCD 42WLT66 - however as those who were on the thread know - I had to replace it 3 times because of banding.

Should I go for the 42C3030D?

Is there a 47" version?

Is the 42WLT68 a better panel?

Will I miss out in quality by not having full 1920 x 1080i?

All Help appreciated!



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I got the 37" version yesterday and am very happy with it. I don't think that they do a 47" version.

From what I understand, the technology is based on the WLT66 models but have obviously been given a few enhancements.

The TV accepts 1080p signals through HDMI


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What kind of connection do you have for the Sub woofer?
I have the 32" on order and was wondering what the best sub-woofer to go with it would be.
Any ideas?


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I've got my tv connected to a surround sound system.

There is a sub-woofer connection on the tv, I've noticed that Toshiba sell the sub-woofer on their website.


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Please excuse my ignorance but I can only see the old series sub woofer on the toshiba site. Do you have a Link?


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Sorry, my apologies, it was an older sub-woofer.

I'll see if I can search for the new one on Google


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There doesn't seem to be much to chose from between the two.

But perhaps part of my thinking that the 42WLT68 was the better set was mainly down to its position at the top of Tosh's site and that it has 3 HDMI ports and Active Vision M100 compared to 2 & just active vision (but the active vision thing is probably just a naming thing for newer sets though) although I notice now that the 42WLT68 has disappeared from the Digital Direct site

The 42C3030D has a slight edge on contrast ratio having a 4000:1 over the 68's 3500:1

But in terms of resolution they are identical at 1366x768

The spec links to Tosh's site are here


I would have thought that Tosh would push their better sets to the top of the list rather than hiding them further down?

Anyway I've plumped for the 42WLT68 as my replacement set for the 66 and from what i've heard it cures a lot of the 66's problems with banding, shimmering etc so I'm looking forward to its arrival in a week or so's time.

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