Toshiba 42" RPTV Problem/Query...



How do I get rid of the grey bars on the side of the screens when playing fullscreen movies as they aren't there when I watch TV. Sometimes they are there on DVD menu screens also.

Any help appreciated,



White Lighter

Hi SamDVD, your Tosh rp will have grey bars at either side in full screen mode, ie 4:3 ratio. This is because it's a 16:9 ratio TV set!

In normal widescreen viewing from digital braudcasts, the picture will be stretched horizontally i.e. WIDE mode. In the menu of the Tosh there is a setting to automatically switch to wide mode, when a w/s signal is detected.

If you are watching from a DVD player and it's a 16:9 film, the image will fill the 16:9 screen fully. If the film is framed at 20:9 or some other wider-than-16:9 ratio such as 2.40:1, then you will get grey/black bars on the top and bottom of the sceen in WIDE mode.

Also check that the DVD player is set to output widescreen or you will end up with either a tiny letterboxed pic in the centre of the screen or a 4:3 cropped version of the 16:9 pic.

Hope all this makes sense.

Regards, Pete.:eek:

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