Toshiba 37XV555DB to Sony DAV-DZ260 connectivity

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by spawn_e_git, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I've just lashed out a few quid on the above system and I have a problem and I'm wondering if anyone here can help.

    I have the Sky+ and Xbox 360.

    Sky connected via scart
    Xbox connected via component connection.

    The Sky+ is being swapped to HD tomorrow.

    I checked the instructions on the Tosh before I brought it and it said that the optical output is "always active".

    I brought the Sony system as it had optical input so "no problem" thinks I.

    Connected it all up and connected the optical cable from the output of the TV to the AV system.

    No sound through the AV sys when on Sky or Xbox.

    When I select DTV on the TV so I'm using the free view system, the sound comes out of the optical.

    I phoned Tosh technical and they said that the optical is only active when Digital TV is in operation. Therefore to get sound via the AV system I need to plug the optical cable direct to the appliance.

    This means I would need to swap the optical lead between the Xbox and Sky+ box.

    At the moment I have the Sky+ box connected via optical and phono connections to 3.5mm socket on the front of the AV system. That way, I select TV on the Sony AV system (which uses the optical) for Sky and Audio (which uses the front 3.5mm jack for the Xbox.

    This is workable but the Xbox sound is surround sound but my understanding is that it is not true 5.1

    Is the Tosh guy wrong? Is there a setting that I need to change so that the TV outputs the sound of whatever I am watching to the optical output?

    It seems ridiculous to me. I have also been told that Samsung, LG and Sony keep the optical out active all the time.

    I brought both the AV and TV from Amazon and can send either one back but I'd rather find out that it's a setting issue.

    Surely the TV should take whatever audio signal it is using on the input selected and send it out the optical.

    Am I missing something here or has Tosh given birth to a pup?

    Many thanks for reading this, any help would be great.


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