Toshiba 37WLT58 1366*768 at 70GHz?

F Nikk

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hi guys, i have a Geforce 6800 GT and it can display 1366*768 when I use the toshiba 37WLT58, but it runs at the native refresh rate of 60Hz, and if i change the refresh rate to anything higher such as 72, 75, or 80, the text is messed up.

I heard it can be done using Powerstrip but I haven't had any luck myself. I'd like to use 85Hz as the tv manages to display a picture when i select it even though it's pixelated. any suggestions or links? thanks.


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Why would you want to run it at anything higher than 60Hz? Thats the standard refresh rate for an LCD.


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just done some training on the tosh range of lc's and they are best at 60hz.


power strip is recomended if your adaptor does not supprt that res and refresh rate as a standard setting.

F Nikk

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well when it comes to VGA connections, I used to have my pc monitor running at 75Hz and it was running great, whereas at 60, you can see tearing across the screen, and seems slower.

DVI input does not allow anything but 60Hz, which is how my pc monitor is connected now and the tearing is very noticeable.


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This presents a problem if wanting to watch video which is 25fps or 50fps it doesn't play smoothly.

This is a problem I've always had with the PC and knocking it up to 75Hz solved the problem.

This doesn't seem to be possible with the toshiba. I would set it to 50Hz but this doesn't seem to be possible either.

Any ideas?

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