TOSHIBA 37RV635DB £518 inc Del ?


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Hi all. I have looked at this set and I find my self drawn to it ! I cannot see in the hand book if it has 100 hz pics .May be it does have this spec hidden in its many various settings ?.Can any one shine a light on this. Oh.! Dixsons are selling it on the net for £ 518 inc delivery,
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according to this thread post 11 it does not, but me myself i dont know.
but thinking a bit more though, if it was 100hz they would of plastered that on there specs page if it was.

p.s. i wouldnt go much on this either but it says here it dont

pps. and on here too it says it might not show 24fps correctly either. im not going to look into it anymore just incase im wrong. its just a little pointer thats all.
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We ordered this exact product from Dixons a couple of weeks ago and had it delivered last Wednesday. I too spent a while trying to find out about 100Hz before concluding it didn't have it. A surprise as the 555DB before it did. However in the end we went for it due to the inclusion of resolution+ and the reasonable price. Most of our use is current SD Sky and Wii so resolution+ seemed worthwhile and 100hz something we could live without.

Having used the TV for nearly a week we are very impressed. Build quality is great and SD picture quality is very good. On some channels it's a bit blocky close-up and sometimes a bit oversharpened but on most the resolution+ really does seem to produce good results when compared to a firends LCD TV.

Image quality via HDMI on an upscaling DVD player was very impressive. The picture is clear, sharp and blacks appear deep. So far we've watched some action films and tennis on screen without any problems. I've never seen 100Hz results to compare but at the moment we don't miss it. We'll be watching the F1 at the weekend to see how it copes there too.

After recieving our Wii component cable yesterday the results are very impressive from that. A big improvement over the standard composite connection. Games are handled very well.

The only let down does appear to be the sound. It's slightly muffled sounding even compared to the old CRT which this TV has replaced. After a few days we've got used to it but have an old surround system connected for DVD's which is much better. At some point we intend to get a new surround we can use for Sky programs etc. That said it's perfectly adequate and considering the rest of the package not a reason to avoid this TV in my opinion.

On a side note; Dixons service and delivery were fantastic. Even though we ordered on the Saturday before the bank holiday they offered the Wednesday as a delivery slot. The delivery is free but very efficient. I recieved a call the day before confirming a 4 hour slot for the delivery (between 2:30 and 6:30). On the day the delivery driver called about 1 hour before arrival and turned up spot on time.


Hi , i have just purchased the 37rv635db, do you think you could advise me on the optimal settings for watching sky sd. I keep fiddling but still not happy, my mother has the the old 37av555db and to me seems a better richer picture.
Any advice would be most appreciated.

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