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Hi guys, does anyone have some optimum settings or suggestions for improvement for Tosh 37C3030D tv, particularly when using a ps3 for blu ray/upscaling. Have just got the PS3 and Im finding the whole setup thing baffling, not too impressed with blu ray on the tv so far, so I was wondering If I have screwed up the settings? I have the ps3 connected to the tv via Hdmi, I also have a V+ box connected to the other hdmi on the tv. I havevnt tried any games yet, as I dont own any! I got the ps3 purely as a blu ray/upscaling player, and Im not even sure what spec my tv is?

Any suggestions would be great, forgive me if the info I have given is bad, Im quite new to all this.

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Few things,

First the quality of many of the available BD movies at the moment is extremely variable so first off it may be the source not the TV. Try downloading the Indiana Jones 4 trailer which is a good picture.

Second unless your set is capable of 1080p I'd advise only playing out in 720p -
I have the 42Z303D & virgin media V+ and have set that to 720p as the picture is far superior to the 1080i picture that the V+ can output, however the 1080p output from the PS3 is stonking.

Third turn down the backlight on your set, when I did this and then compensated the brightness and contrast it improved my picture immensely and made it easier to watch TV with the light off.

Fourth and finally - try adjusting the noise reduction options DNR etc to see whats the best setting for you.

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