Toshiba 36ZT29B and TiVo - Are they compatible ?


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Ok this is a bizarre one on me, but this is what happens... (this is not the precise steps, but representative of what I am doing when things go funny)..

Use Tosh remote to switch to EXT1 (Tivo connection via RGB Scart)

Use TiVo remote to play a recorded program.

Use Tosh remote to increase volume on TV.

Use TiVo remote to pause recorded program..

Use Tosh remote to change input to other channels, and back to EXT1.

Use Tivo Remote to play paused program.

Use Tosh remote to increase volume on TV...... and the tv seems to lockup... the Tosh remote does not respond to any button press...

Wait a few minutes and the Tosh remote seems to start operating again...

I've been testing this all afternoon and it happens all the time...

Any ideas ?



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This is similar to a problem I had with my 32ZD26P and Tivo
The tv would lock up completely even the buttons on the tv itself wouldn't work, I thought my new tv had broken. Disconected Tivo tv worked fine.
Aparently if you ring Tivo Cs up there is a fix for this problem but you have to ask for it.



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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the info about TiVo C's...

I've narrowed the problem down to the following:

If Tivo has an overlayed graphic image onscreen, say the TiVo menus or the program information over a live picture, then the Tosh will not respond accurately to the Tosh remote.

I guess the TV is confused because it is trying to overlay it's own graphics over the top of TiVo's graphics..

I'll try TiVo C's and see what happens.



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Problem solved !

I contacted TiVo customer services last night, explained the problem and they knew exactly what was wrong.

They told me a TiVo software update from 2.5.5 to 2.5.5.a would be scheduled in the next 3-5 days...

I came home tonight and the update had happened and the problem is no more (that is less than 24hrs after notifying TiVo about my problem).. Fantastic

If only all organisations were that well.....organised..

FYI the problem was relating to TiVo, new TV's and teletext signals - more comprehensive info can be read on the TiVo community forums.


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