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Toshiba 36ZT29 Buzzing Front Speakers

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by royster, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. royster


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    Hi, Everyone.
    I noticed that my front speakers on this television buzz slightly which can be just heard on dvd's when there is just dialogue. The rear speaker produce a very slight buzz but not noticable like the fronts. Normally you do not notice the front buzz but found it a bit annoying last night watching a dvd.

    I have found that if I switch my toshiba to use the Internal Sub rather than the external Sub then the Buzz goes. I have tried disconnecting the sub leads to make sure its nothing to do with the sub and have found that the fault does not come from there. It is something being done in the tv itself.

    Anyone have any ideas why setting my options to external sub rather than internal should make my front speakers buzz slightly.
    Changing my tv mode to progressive seems to alter the pitch of the tone as well but does not really remove it.

    Can anyone else provide any help or information about this as its something I would really like to be fixed.
    Thanks for reading.

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