Toshiba 36zpi8p sound issue on DD5.1

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by kenfowler3966, Oct 21, 2001.

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    Came across an interesting issue on my set that others may be interested to know. I like to use headphones as my hearing is poor and it would otherwise be too loud for others/ neighbours. I output the sound to my wire free headphone system through a small amp from maplins, connected to the audio out of the tv. This also means I can turn the sound down on the set and not display the sound muted icon and get sound out. Only other way is via the front socket but I dont like the trailing wires and open flap.
    However when inputing a digital sound in 5.1 from my dvd which is connected with an optical cable and component cables there is no sound output from the tv audio out!

    This seems a poor design to me as it works on all other sound modes outputing normal stereo for 2 speakers.
    It would be very awkward to reconfigure the sound out of the dvd to old style stereo each time headphones are desired so this is a pain.
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    If you switched from component video to the RGB scart you would get the audio carried by the scart lead which would then be carried by the audio outputs from the tv to the amp.

    At best you will get prologic but as you have headphones, it isn't really an issue. You would also have to sacrifice component inputs to go with the RGB. However, that is not a massive sacrifice as most cant tell any difference between component and rgb anyway.

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