Toshiba 36ZP48 Component vs Scart


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My Toshiba is connected to a Pioneer DV99,Panasonic E60 and a Toshiba 240e. There is only a very small difference in RGB Scart connection and progressive scan/component on the Tosh dvd. I am using good quality Ixos cables for both the scart and component. All inputs and outputs are correctly set and I have tried quite a few dvds.

Is component really that good, was I expecting too much or have I missed something ?


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same here mate i went out and bought some component cables and to be honest couldnt tell any difference,even though i keep telling myself it was 50 quid well spent,we must be missing something or eyes are dead

same goes for the rgb i got the thor cable which everyone said was spot on and i couldnt tell difference between that and my £1 original scart lead its all good fun though telling the mrs how much better it is only to hear her words its no bloody different


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Strange that! I thought there was a big difference between scart and component.There is a good method of testing between the two.Connect your dvd player with both scart and component ,then whilst watching a disc, swap the av inputs on your remote, showing the difference in picture quality.


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Hi, in a modern 'studio' environment there would be no argument here - RGB would be considered 'better' than YUV component. However, RGB is not practicable in a studio environment (for reasons I won't bore you with) so almost exclusively YUV is used - in digital form. But then the video signal leaves the studio environment and it is passed to the transmission network. Here the signal is digitally compressed to save bandwidth and sent to your home. At your home your 'digibox' (satellite or Freeview or cable) un-compresses the signal back to the original analogue signal (or as close as it can get since some of the orginal information/quality is lost during the compression process). If needs be your box can also turn that YUV signal back to RGB. So, since at home YUV and RGB are very closely related then you wouldn't really expect to see much difference between them. The same basic priciples apply to DVDs etc. Hope this helps. Regards, yt.

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