Toshiba 36ZP38 waste of money?


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I bought a Toshiba 36ZP38 before christmas, but have I wasted my money?

Every magzine I read or web article seems to plug HDTV eg new dvd formats will be HDTV?

Does HDTV make that much difference?



HDTV makes a huge difference, but there isn't a TV available (well, CRT at least) that can support it.

You most definitely haven't wasted your money on the toshiba.


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Cheers Dimmy, Put mind at rest.

Also found the HDTV thread and did bit more research.


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All of JVC's new DIST sets do HDTV (p37 and p38), aswell as their upcoming DIST idtv's, but saying that, I doubt HDTV will be in full swing for another 5 years, plenty of time to save up ;)



JVC's DIST sets are plasmas are they not?

If there's CRT ones available they do the same as Pixel Plus, and boost source resolution rather than sreen resolution...

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