Toshiba 36Zp38 Service menu questions! Help!!


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Hi Guys,

Iv read all about the curving on these TV's (I own one!), but mine curves only very slightly, but i thought id get it checked out nontheless. The engineer came, and look at it, we measured it and it was only a millimentre or so difference and the worst of times, but he said he'd still send the info off to Toshiba to see what they say.

Anyway, last night, i accessed the service menu and had a fiddle. Wish i hadnt. Eventually, i got it back to normal, and im confident i could adjust the set to be how i want it to, but i just need a little advice.

1. First of all, does it make any difference what type of channel you are making the adjustment on? i.e. Ext 1, or a normal TV channel, and are there any recommendations?

2. Once this is decided, is there an overall picture mode i.e. 4:3, wide, cinema, that determines what the others will look like? Il be honest, i only tend to use wide or 4:3, not really the others, but still, id like them to look right.

3. When in service mode, on Wide for example, if you press AV, it brings up a red screen, then blue, green, then a checked pattern, then white. Should the checked pattern line up exactly with the edges of the screen i.e. no overlap of the actual picture over the edges of the screen? Would that mean it would be the perfect picture if it were sized this way? Once you have sized this right, if you press AV again, it gives a white screen, but pressing AV again goes through the Red/Blue/Green/Checked/White a second time. Is this to set something different? Once you have been through a second time, it returns you to the TV channel. If you then go through the different modes 4:3 etc, some have changed (cant remember which, was panicking too much!)

4. If you are on this checked screen, and you press the pic mode button, to change from wide to 4:3, does this mean you are now editing the settings for the 4:3 mode?

Im really confused guys! Any help would be excellent.


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