toshiba 36zp38 + pal progressive??


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Jan 23, 2003
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Just purchased a tosh 36zp38 , so far so good. PQ amazing , geometry perfect, looks stunning .

Hooked it up to my Harmon Kardon MR 2550 (25 but silver) dvd player via component as allegedley the tosh can output pal and ntsc progressive and my dvd player can as well (as stated on the web site i purchased it from

i presume this is because they have used the official firmware update on the dvd player, but i'm not sure.?

All well and good so far.

Put my R1 terminator 2 in and pressing the info button on my dvd player it showed progressive display was in operation. Brilliant had ntsc prog scan.

Put my R2 blade 2 in thinking the same information would come up , but to my disappointment it only displayed interlaced even when i have selected the progressive option in the dvd menu.

So i have a dilema. does my tosh output pal prog? ( i have seen other threads on this forum and by all accounts it does)

Or is it my dvd player ? Either because it hasnt got the firmware update or the company i bought it from is telling porkies and it cant handle pal prog??
BTW the dvd player is MR so i assume it has the official firmware

Any help or advice would be more than welcome. Love this tv to bits and dont want to get rid of it .
I couldn't comment about your DVD player but your TV definitely accpets PAL progressive Scan input. Not as good as it's cracked up to be though.
I think its the firmware update you used, try the unofficial multiregional one, thats the one that I used on my HK 2550, and that outputs pal prog scan - but and this a big hairy butt, not all PAL disks appear to be consistantly flagged for PAL progressive scan, my HK does not say that the disk is progressive for all PAL disks, just some of them.
Think you might be right brianc. talked to a fellow forum member who is gemmed up on harmon kardon and some r2 discs dont flag up as pal progressive even though they actually are.
Played band of brothers r2 and it did flag up as pal progressive then played blade 2 r2 and it stated interlaced. Apparently you ignore the first info page but the second has all the relevant info. i.e outputs progressive.
Also go into ezMenu then v- setting that determines the deinterlacing method. 0 is default and reads the flags, 1 is forced video mode and 2 is forced film mode (that's the one to use!). You have to set it each time.
This was information from crocodile jd( hope you dont mind me naming you ), who should get all the praise seems to know alot about HK.

do you know of any other R2 discs that flag as PS?
strangley enough apart from band of brothers theres also saving private ryan. Dont know if its anything to do with the similarities of producers (tom hanks etc ) or just a coincidence. Tried most of my collection and its the same old story ,status interlaced.
Just have to trust crocodiles advice and hope it is outputting pal prog even tho it states it doesnt.
Please let me know if you find any more yourself , or anybody else for that matter.
And i'll do like wise.
Thanks for the replies anyway
My Tosh DR1 doesn't say whether the PS flag is present or not. Trying 5th Element the PQ is stable and very smooth in PAL PS, Gladiator in NTSC PS is excellent a vast improvement for NTSC. I can't remember which DVD I tried before that flickers, I suppose I should start going through them.

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