Toshiba 36zp18p tuning issue


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My inlaws have a Toshiba 36zp18p and told me they are having problems.

Basically with only the ariel plugged in it will not tune any channels on auto or manual set up. It is set to UK spec etc and eng language.

To get anything to work it needs to be tuned through a vcr or set top box. (which it does no problem via scarts and ariel)

Am i right in thinking the built in tuner on the tv is broken and needs repaired (any idea on costs??) or is it something i am doing.

Any help appreciated.


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I think you're saying it works okay via scart?
It does look as though the tuner in the set is faulty...providing you are tuning it correctly.
I have no idea how much a new tuner is but a company based in Manchester offer an excellent tuner repair service...their repairs are guaranteed and they offer a quick turnaround service to the trade...you can find them here
You would need to get an experienced engineer to remove/refit the tuner.
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