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Toshiba 36ZP18P screen size problem



Hi all.

My parents have had a Toshiba 36ZP18P for a while now, and there has been one persistant problem with it since they got it. Wide screen broadcasts are allways cut off at the edges, that is, we dont see the whole of the transmission. Ive played about with all the picture settings, gone through all the size options, set "WSS" to "ON" (which should automaticaly detect a wide screen broadcast, and alter picture size), but still we dont see the edge of the picture.

Setting the display size to "wide" just stretches the picture. Its most infuriating if text is displayed at the bottom of the screen, as the first and last four or five letters are allways cut off, and we know we are missing some of the picture.

Ive tried mailing toshiba support, but frankly, there website is useless.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know


Tv boy

On Tv aspect put it on Auto... it changes the aspect to whatever the signal is what the TV is receiving... 16.9 - 4.3 etc...


I have no option called TV aspect, there is something called DNR, which is allready set to AUTO, and is the only thing in the menu that has an 'auto' setting.


Perhaps if your watching through a sattelite receiver/digi box you may have the wrong settings for the screen display?


Standard Member
I have a Tosh 32ZP, but have heard of some horizontal shift problems with 36ZPs. You don't mention the source; i.e. analog or digital (box make?).

There really shouldn't be any screen setting that loses image off the sides. All the settings simply magnify the format to fit within or precisely to the width.

There are a few Tosh settings for screen size. It is possible to adjust the size (in which direction depends on the display format).

Someone may have inadvertently adjusted the screen width to try and make a 4:3 or 14:9 fit to the width. This might push the widescreen off the edges.

Dig out the manual, it will tell you how to adjust the screen dimensions. If this doesn't do it, there are additional hidden engineering settings (but don't mess with these yourself, get an engineer out). Maybe the TV was set up wrong in the factory.

The size setting is under the right-most menu icon (text + speaker icon) > Picture size/position option.

Maybe it only needs to be shifted.


Thanks for the info Monkfish, but as it happens ive tried messing with those settings too. I had heard about the factory menus you can get into, but am reluctant to try them.
Im going to ring the tech help line in the morning I think.


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My 5 day old 32ZP46 lost part of the image but vertically instead of horizontally. Only half of an onscreen logo on the bottom of the screen were visible in Cinema, 14:9 and Subtitle modes. Adjusted position in menu and it worked. Each of these modes had to be adjusted individually.

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