Toshiba 36ZP18P audio upgrade


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I'm looking to upgrade the audio on my Toshiba 36" flatscreen. I feel the sound could be better if I piped the audio through an amp and ugraded the speakers. Or could I just upgrade the supplied speakers? If so which would be compatible? Would it make much difference if I kept the speakers and just upgraded the speaker cables? Sorry for all questions...I'm a bit new to this!

Thanks in advance.


To really make a worthwhile difference (and, even on a budget it will make a HUGE difference) you really need to get a dedicated AV amp and speakers.

Assuming you just want better, decent sound rather than top of the range, pro-audio you should be able to do it for £800 or so.


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Thanks for's appreciated. I guess by getting an amp and speakers it would make the dolby digital processing defunct in the TV? Could you recommend a decent setup? Wouldn't really want to spend much more than about £600. Would I have to worry about ohms and stuff??

One more question (sorry!)...What is the difference between normal and 100hz settings? The only difference I see is text a bit shaky on 100hz

Thanks again

clive, I've got a 32zp tv and went through the same questions. There is a huge difference if you get a amp + seperate speakers. You may need a little more than £600 because extra costs of decent cable /plugs/stands etc. bump up the cost alot.

I bought a sony strdb780 amp for £230 and have got the kef cresta range of speakers all around on atacama stands £60 a pair. Cresta2's front, 1's rear and 'c' center. They are reasonably priced because they are not the latest thing but if you read older reports on them you will find they are good value. I paid £60 center £60 rears but had fronts already.

I also bought a kef sub for £150 cos everyone had one but found unless it was a really low bass I didn't really need it and could have done without it until a later date.

Don't worry to much about the technical stuff like ohm ratings etc. As far as I know most stuff is 8 ohms, but if its not, amps tend to have a switch to alter it if its something else.

Unfortunately your dolby in your tv won't be used so you've kind of paid twice for it, but thats made up by the fact you've got one of the best looking tellys with best picture IMO.

As for the difference between 'natural' and 100hz settings, they are both 100hz but one is meant to be a bit better on fast sports pictures. It's just personel preferance.

Of coarse if your just watching normal telly I personally wouldn't bother, but if you've got dvd and like films the only person to regret it will be your neighbours:D


Active Member guys know your stuff!

I'll take up your suggestion and go and find "best prices" on the kit you mentioned!

And yes, I've got a Tosh SD210E DVD's great. Connected via component video to the TV...wonderful!! And I don't mind annoying the neighbours!

Thanks again for your help.

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