Toshiba 36ZP18 question

Gary D

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I have recently purchased the above TV, however, i've noticed that on a black the screen the borders (left and right) are brighter than the centre of the screen is there a fix for this?

any help would be appreicated




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I've also got a 36zp18. Had it quite a while and have viewed these boards on numerous occasions as this was a hot topic a while ago.

To answer you're question - the sides are brighter because it is a "feature" of this set (36" suffers more than the 32" I believe).

Do a search and you'll find a hugh thread that talks all about the features of this set. I'm keeping mine as it doesn't suffer too much of any of them and only rarely are the bright sides obvious when watching DVDs.

make sure you're contrast is quite high (mine is 60 I think) and brightness quite low (40ish for me) and you should be alright.


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