Toshiba 36ZP setup problem

Ian J

My neighbour has just bought one of these but doesn't want to use the inbuilt decoder as he already has a Pioneer all in one dvd player / amp which he feels is better.

He has been unable to get any sound out of it via the amp and asked me to look at it and I was shamefaced to have to admit that I couldn't fix it.

The TV has a pair of audio outputs which go to the audio inputs on the amp exactly the same as on his previous old TV but I cannot get them to produce any sound.

I have looked through the setup menus to see if there is anything I need to do to enable the audio outputs but can''t find anything. Have I not looked hard enough or is there a simple explanation that I have missed.

I would be grateful for any advice received.

Bernard Barnett

Active Member
The default audio setting on the Tosh is likely to be stereo rather than DD/DTS. Ian, er...I suppose the amp is switched to the right source??

Ian J

The amp was switched to the right source but I didn't check the sound menu on the TV as I was too busy thinking that it must have something to do with the assignment of sources to inputs but I will check tonight

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