Toshiba 36ZD26P and SVM

gmt steve

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This might be of use to you 36ZD owners out there.
I think I've found a simple way to disable Scan Velocity Modulation on this set.
If you go into Preset Picture 3 and try to make any changes, then I'm sure you know that the set reverts to Pic Mode M.
But it seems to me that it also disables SVM. If you own Video Essentials then do the above changes whilst viewing the Needle Pulse pattern (for setting contrast/white level). With SVM the line in the lower part of the pattern is thicker than the line in the top section (a sure sign that SVM is at work), when you make the change, the line is reasonably consistent throughout it's length.
Will someone try it and let me know what you think?

jase the space

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I think you may be correct. From what I can remember someone posted a long time ago after talking to Tosh themselves that the differences between the PMs were that PM-1 had 100% of everything (HSVM, dynamic contrast), PM-2 had 50% (of what I can't remember) and PM-3 had none of these (which makes the picture softer).

If you trawl through the old ZP18 threads you may find this confirmed.

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