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Toshiba 32zt29b Picture Quality

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by derbyshireduck, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. derbyshireduck


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    Hello All,

    Thanks for the advise in this forum on the use of Toshiba tv's

    I have a Toshiba 32ZT29B and whilst the picture quality from my DVD's is fantastic, I must admit to be a bit disapointed with some of the outputs from my current SKy box, an old Amstrad.

    Will I ever get the same quality picture from a Sky receiver, that I receive from my DVD player ?

    I am hoping to take the plunge and order Sky + this week. Can I ask if I will notice any difference in the picture quality ? I will be getting a digital optical cable so thay I can listen to the 5.1 surround sound, but was wondering if this cable would also improve the picture quality.

    Any advice would be gratefully received.


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