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toshiba 32zt29b buzzing from speakers.

Discussion in 'TVs' started by amancalledchip, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. amancalledchip


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    i noticed last night a buzzing from the speakers, its not a continual buzz more of an on off buzz.Its driving me nuts.

    if i turn the volume all the way to 0 it goes, but if i turn it up to 1 or above its there.

    also , i have read above this set being in progesive mode all the time.
    is it me , or my set, but the flicker on progressive or 100htz only hurts my eyes.

    i have to have it on active or natural.
    and in those modes it still flickers. ( if i look at the top edge of the screen i can se it changing from what i guess is 50htz to 100htz and back)

    its getting on for 2 years old now and i must say i havnt really been happing with it from day one.Just wasnt all i hoped it would be.


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