Toshiba 32ZP48 Geometry Issues - can anyone provide their default settings?


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The brother had a mess around with the geometry settings on our set and now it's pretty much all over the place. The settings will differ from set to set won't they? Regardless, could someone provide their settings just to see if it improves things.

Failing that I'll have to call someone in as it's still under warranty.

Much appreciated!


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this is the reason why people who are not qualified should never enter the service menu.It is most annoying when i get a job in the workshop and they say" i had a go myself first" ESPECIALLY UNDER WARRANTY.That could make your warranty void


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Dont panic, if the manufacturers were doing their job customers wouldnt have to adjust geometry themselves. Have a look at this link which has some base settings for the 36" but it does explain which adjustments do what. With some patience and an understanding of which adjustments to use you should be able to get right.

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