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Toshiba 32ZP46 Connection Query....

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by PMATHER, Jan 7, 2005.



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    I hope you can help me with a connection query I have……

    After scouring these WEB pages for advice, I finally treated myself to a Toshiba 32ZP46 T.V. from Comet and so far I am delighted with both the picture and sound.

    All the External Connections to the T.V. are used with the exception of Component Video Input and Audio L and R. These are marked-up as EXT4 on the rear of the T.V.

    I would like to purchase a DVD recorder / VCR Combi to replace my existing standard VHS video and need to know if the connections can be made using these remaining inputs.

    My understanding is that the Phono Jack INPUTS on the rear of the T.V. labelled Y, PB/CB, Pr/CR are dedicated video inputs only. To hear the audio I would also need to use the Audio L and R INPUTS.

    Would I be correct in assuming so long as the DVD/VCR Combi unit has these same connections as OUTPUTS, then connection really is that simple ? – Also I assume the Audio OUTPUT from the DVD/VCR Combi would not need amplification prior to connecting to the Audio L and R INPUTS on the T.V.

    Am I correct in believing that this is the optimum connection between T.V. and DVD/VCR Combi unit ?

    I assume the aerial / Decoder signal into the DVD/VCR Combi can be the same as the standard VHS video currently connected.

    Your help / advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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