Toshiba 32ZP38 - To buy or not...

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by nelsonxl, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Hi People,

    Very impressed with forums, been monitoring for a while. I am looking for a new TV to fill the lounge of my first house. Have been considering the KV32FX68 but have recently swung towards the Toshiba 32ZP38. Looks are gorgeous, but some people have complained that the glossy black surround causes reflections? What do other users think?

    This set has progressive scan so is it best to set up with component video cable or is RGB scart better? Have got a Philips DVDR80 which has all sorts of connections, and have just bought the Sony HT-K250 surround system which connects to the dvd player via digital optical link. Since I will be using seperate speaker system (and not those that come with the system) can I set TV to default to speakers mute?

    I would welcome any comments particularly about this tv, but also about other options (other 32's, 36's etc). Looking to spend around £600-£800.

    Thanks a lot

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    We've just purchased the Toshiba 32ZP48. I cannot praise it highly enough. I think you can buy it now from for around £950 ( a little higher than your budget I know but I believe its worth considering the extra money). I am a broadcast engineer and not only do I think it this a good looking set itself - the picture is truly stunning (for a domestic TV) the geometry, convergence and colour rendition is excellent - I really can't praise it enough. (and it has built in surround sound etc etc). regards, yt.

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