Toshiba 32ZP38 & sky remote

Joe Pineapples

Distinguished Member
I’ve been trying to get my sky remote (non sky+) to work with a Toshiba 32ZP38, without any luck so far. Is there anyone out there with the same tv (or the 36”) who can tell me the method and code they used?.

Also got a Toshiba portable tv/video combo (model VTV1400), that I’ve had no luck with either (another sky remote & separate digibox)

I know of the digital spy (website) section on this matter, but I thought it might be easier if I knew someone with either/both of these Tosh models, and maybe which version of the remote they’re using.




Is that the picture-frame model (I can never remember the model numbers). If so, I have it running with Sky+. Have you tried ringing sky support, they are generally quite helpful for issues like this.

Joe Pineapples

Distinguished Member
I've actually managed to get the ZP38 (PF2) working ok, using the on-screen sky guide (under 'interactive'). Just got to get the portable working now.


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