Toshiba 32zp38 or not?



I am in the market for a new TV and had decided to get the Tosh 32zp38. I like the look and the fact it has progresive scan.

Before i buy i would like to know if there are any other TVs for the same sort of price £1050 and progressive scan that i should be considering?

I am also going to buy a dvd recorder either the Tosh DR-1 or the panny E55 or E65 depending on their price when released. Should this be part of my consideration when chosing a TV to buy?

Any help would be most appreciated.
Thanks again Hornydragon i will have a look but the 32zp38 is still looking the best buy.
Did you end up getting the Tosh 32ZP38 as I'm thinking of getting one myself?

If you did, can you recommend it and were there any geometry issues - which seems to be the only fault anyone ever mentions about this model?
Hi Glen, no i didnt end up getting one but the 36" zp38 has come down in price so i think i will get one of those,

i have seen the probs people have had with this tv concerning prog scan and interferance lines, tosh have held there hands up now and admit it is a problem simply fixed by changing some componant. i think its something to do with a capacitor.

When i get mine i will let you know, but all the tvs i looked at had some problem or other this one seemed to have less than the rest. Not Good really picking a tv becase it has less probs than anything else but thats the way it is.

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