Toshiba 32ZP38 advice needed please!




Never posted here before, but been reading this forum for months. I apologise in advance for the rambling nature of this post.

Anyway, what prompted me to post is a problem I've had with my Toshiba ZP3238.

I purchased the TV from empiredirect about 3 months ago. For the first 2 months everything was perfect, incredible picture etc, very happy, and it also looked rather nice alongside the rest of my hifi and cinema gear.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the TV image had begun to slant to the left, and not just by the recognised 5mm tolerance, I'm talking about watching sky news and being able to see the words on the right, and completely disappearing on the left as they scroll accross.

Then, I noticed that when watching in 14.9, the black bars started bending out to such an extent that even my girlfriend (no offense to her like) kept saying "that's not right".
Finally, it got to the stage that when I look at the TV listings on sky digital, the lines are warped and the sides are bent.

Needless to say, I called empiredirect and they arranged for an engineer to come and have a look.
He came this morning and to say he was dismissive is an understatement. All he kept saying was "well, it's not a monitor, so what do you expect?", and all I kept saying was "I paid over £1000 for this, I shopuld expect better".
Well, he went into service mode and messed around with the grid, and left me with an image that, although slants less (but is still more than the 5mm tolerance) is now bowed so much at the edges it looks like I'm looking through the bottom of a glass.

So I called empiredirect back and complained and they are getting back to me...
I asked about a replacement set, and they said we'll see...

What I want to know is, and I don't think I am, but am I being too picky? I know the 5mm tolerance thing, but this is way beyond this. However, the engineer just didn't think I had a problem. Now I'm looking at my TV and I'm just gutted.

I had a Philips widescreen TV for 6 years before I upgraded to the Toshiba, and had no problems with that at all. In fact. I gave it to a friend as it's still in perfect working order.

So, what I am asking you knowledgable people is, am I being unreasonable in wanting a replacement set? And what would your next move be? Am I within my rights to demand a new set?


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Toshiba are known to be a bit iffy with geometry at times but the geometry should stay relatively the same from day one of receiving it. Many tvs have tilt adjustments. Is there not one on the Toshiba somewhere in the menus. My mothers 32" Panasonic widescreen has it. My Thomson 28" has it. If not your best bet is finding out how to get into the service menu and adjusting it yourself.

Are there any sources of magnetism nearby that could cause this problem?

Was the set moved from when it had good geometry to now that it has bad geometry?

Did you pay by credit card?


When I got the TV the geometry was perfect, and one day a few weeks aga I switched the set on and noticed the difference.

The only things that are nearby are an AV amp, and the usual dvd player, sky box etc, and some speakers, that are all magnetically shielded.

Thing is, with the 32" model there is not tilt adjustment for magnetism, you get that with the 36".
The engineer messed around with grid in the service menu, but in order to get rid of most of the slant, the adjustment makes the image bend in by about 30mm at the sides...unwatchable...and not al the slant in gone anyway...

Yes, I paid by can that help me, insurance maybe?

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