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Toshiba 32ZD36 stand door question

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by KTF, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. KTF


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    I bought my TV from Digital Direct and it came with the closed stand with the glass doors on the front.

    When I assembled it I found that the metal retaining arm that is mounted to the bottom glass door banged against the base of the cabinet when you tried to close it.

    Digital Direct sent me a complete new stand but it looks like it has the same fault which is very strange.

    The arm is already attached from the factory and the bottom glass door has pre-drilled holes which you use to attach it but on both cabinets, the metal arm prevents the door from closing when you use the factory positions.

    If anyone has one of these can you let me know if:

    You have this problem.

    Is the grey front of the cabinet flush with the base that the AMP/VCR, etc sits on or is there a step down. Mine is flush but if you mount the base underneath the grey door surround then there is enough clearance for the door to close.

    Is the arm secured to the larger door using both pre drilled holes?

    When the larger door is opened does it actually rest on the 'stop nut' that is at the end of the metal bar at 90 degrees or so or does it touch the floor first?

    Am I going mad =)


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