Toshiba 32ZD26P problems with displaying 480p EDTV via Nintendo Wii/other problems


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I've been reading around this absolute gold-mine of a forum for a couple of hours now and found nothing that matches my problem, and there do seem to be a hell of a lot of problems with this model!

Right, so this is the family TV my family have had for about 5 years now and it's always been pretty good, recently though I've been researching a lot of stuff to do with how encoding works and all the mass of things to do with encoding that surrounds it. I've been thinking of where exactly to put this thread but I think it's best suited here, and if the thread dies I'll post in encoding/Wii later. This CRT section seems to be active enough though!

This isn't my primary worry, but just to add a bit of background before the main thing. I primarily watch R1 NTSC DVDs (anime) through a component connection to my Toshibia 32ZD26P via a Cambridge Audio DVD player (DVD55 it seems to be named). I've realised that half of the time it's bad encoding on the DVDs part that makes the picture not so good, but when I find a good DVD it just looks phenomenally good quality*. Within the last year though I've noticed a line appear about a sixth of the way down from the top of the screen that stretches across the screen horizontally and distorts everything around it slightly, and just today I've tried more and I've noticed it seems to be from the line upwards as a pose to just the line being distorted. It's not terrible, but I thought it was something to do with the DVD player up until now.
(* Forgot to add that the main problem I find are 'jaggies'/aliasing. I would have thought that this would have been eliminated since the TV and DVD player do "progressive scan", but whenever there is movement around the lines out come the jaggies. I would guess that the problem is that the video source is interlaced and my TV/DVD player can't do anything about it, unless it had an inbuilt de-interlacer, but it doesn't as far as I can see)

So onto the main problem. I've been striving for a better quality picture for my Wii console since I got it (only a week ago). It's been connected by composite (the included) cable up until today and I received and plugged in the component cable (official) today so I could finally get access to the awesome power of 480p EDTV. I figured since all over the TV it has plastered "progressive scan", and since I'm no expert on the minor details, I guessed that my Wii should work just the same as my DVD player plays NTSC signals from my discs (I would assume also in 480p). So of course I immediately found that the picture was vastly improved upon connecting the component cables (no dot-crawl from the disgusting composite cable to be seen), then I selected 480p (EDTV) setting and it did some stuff (blacked out for a second) and popped back on all fine and dandy... It wasn't to last, because I proceeded to have a look around at the main screen and see the improvements and all of a sudden this dreadful glitch appeared at the top of the screen, not the same as the DVD problem but in the exact same area (I realied after). This glitch (I wouldn't call it artifact because that assumes it's because of the content, and I don't think it's my Wii) looks like from that line upwards all the picture is pulled towards the top right hand corner in a zig-zag pattern, and it distorts everything beyond recognition above that line (from the DVD playback).

So, the possible problems are - faulty component lead (brand new), faulty Wii (also brand new) or the TV (5 years old)... I'm going for the TV.

I would assume that upon the signal working for the some of the time then doing that weird glitch for the rest of the time that it doesn't mean the TV can't display 480p, otherwise it just wouldn't show a picture at all.

*draws large SOS sign on the screen*

Basically my best guess would be that the component sockets on the back of the TV are faulty in some way. I really hope it is something that can be solved another way though.

Oh, and I've read here and there on this and other forums about there being sort of test discs you can buy so you can calibrate your TV, the thing is though - there are (like with everything) many differing views on what one is the best - I've seen the name AVIA(?) come up a few times though, so is that a notch notch one to use? Basically I'm looking for the best very one on the market, if that's possible.

Many many thanks in advance for any help with any of these issues! I've been searching for answer to some of them for too long, and it would be really great if at some point in the future I could sit down and be able to enjoy watching something without thinking that there's more I could do to improve the quality/stop problems. And for now I'll have to settle for the 480i NTSC setting on my Wii (but without the dot-crawl at least!) until this is fixed, if it will be at all!

Thanks again!


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Its funny you say you have developed a problem,i have the same tv, and mine has stopped displaying high definition through component from my xbox 360 for some reason when i switch to HD on the lead from the 360 i just get a blank screen:(,its ok in standard def but not high def,any help please.;)
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