Toshiba 32WLT68 or Hitachi 32LD9700



This afternoon my girlfriend and I went to Sound and Vision in Bolton to look for a suitable TV stand for the Toshiba 32WLT68 that we are planning to buy in around a month. It will be used predominantly for SD (short term with an upgrade to SKY HD hopefully around 6 months away). The XBox 360 and upscaled DVD will also get a look in. It had won us (me) over because of it's stylish looks, allegedly good picture quality (including SD sources), the connectivity and also the supposed quality of the sound for an LCD panel. I do have a decent Sony amp, but I'm not sure this will be 'allowed' in the lounge because of it's size.:rolleyes:
The knowledgeable guy in the shop took our opinions on board, said he would gladly sell us a 32WLT68 (which he said was a very good TV) but asked if we wanted to see what he felt was a better buy.
He showed us over to the Hitachi 32LD9700 and first opinions didn't blow us away - the set itself was not as 'pretty' as the Tosh and I could imagine what the g/f would think. He then showed us the picture quality next to a 37WLT68 and the Hitachi certainly won out in HD and in my opinion the SD that we saw looked at least as good as the Tosh. The Hitachi's connectivity is certainly up to our requirements, but we couldn't get a decent appraisal of the sound because the shop was so noisy. The Hitachi was around £25 cheaper than the Tosh - neither here nor there. But I was hoping to Price Match with John Lewis to get the 5 year warranty - however JL are not yet stocking the 32LD9700!?
He also showed us two AV magazines that gave the Hitachi great reviews - one of which had it topping the 32" LCD group test, beating the 32WLT68 into third place.
I have come away far more confused than before I went (and we were only going to look for a stand!).
Does anyone have any opinions of the sound and picture quality of the Hitachi vs the Tosh that can help me make my mind up?
The 5 year warranty at JL is also a significant factor, but I'm hoping that JL will soon stock the Hitachi 32LD9700 which would take that factor out of the equation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have searched the forums for the 32LD9700, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of info available (unlike the 32WLT68).
Undecided of Oldham....


I have had the Hitachi for a while now and have not had any problems with it, the image on most SD feeds is pretty good (compared to my mates Samsung) as it has some nice pictyre processing tech.

The only HD source I feed it at the mo is my Xbox 360 and it looks great. Another great feature is the electric swivel stand (always impresses people).

As for sound, it's okay, but as I have a Sony amp and six speakers I don't use em. In fact I have removed the speakers (another nice touch) and put em in the loft.

One thing to bear in mind is that there are newer sets out there, though this one was the better of the last generation of HD sets (so the picture is probably better than the standard current generation Hitachi sets). Other sets you may wish to look at are the new Philips and Sony sets that are supposed to be pretty good.


Thanks Boris. A while ago I was considering the Samsung (mainly because I know it is good with the 360 and it looks very stylish), however then I read about it's problems with SD and decided against it.
I was under the impression that this was a fairly new set and as for the speakers - really? You can remove them?? They looked like they were a permanent feature to me. If they can be removed then that is good - as they were probably the worst looking part of the set.
I think that the Philips and Sony sets are probably out of my price range - £700 max, so it probably comes down to these two sets.
Another thing I really liked about the Hitachi was the remote having a dedicated button for each input - so no need to scroll through 7 inputs to get to the one you want.
Does anyone else have anything to help me decide?

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