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Toshiba 32WLT66 Component Video Problem


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I have a Toshiba 32WLT66 LCD screen which I've just connected to my DVD player (Pioneer DV-575a) via a brand new (Monster) component video cable. Unfortunately no picture seems to be showing. I've scoured all the menus on the TV and on the DVD as well as the manuals and can't seem to find anything to answer the problem. The DVD player works fine when connected through composite and scart connections but not, it seems via component.

Unfortunately I'm left with a dilemma. Is the cable faulty? Not a small problem although I did completely destroy the packaging getting it out. Damn you monster! :nono:

Is the DVD player faulty? More of a problem although I don't need much encouragement to spend money, it seems.

Or is the TV fault? I really hope not... :(

I'm going to try a friends component cable in a few days to see if that fixes it. In the meantime can anyone suggest anything I can try? Or, a really obvious fix that I'm being completely blind to?


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Sometimes there is an option in the DVD player, where you need to switch it into component mode, but it sounds like you've scoured the menus already...


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If you've got ANY spare RCA>RCA cables (such as you might have used for audio) then you can try these. There's nothing fundamentally different between audio and video cables. Whilst I'm not suggesting you use such cables permanently, they'll prove whether or not it's something else that's at fault.


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ive got the pion 575 and u have to select component in menu settings, and then set if u want prog or interlaced signal, easy way to do it is connect dvd to tv using scart lead then go to menu select component then disconect scart and u should have dvd now showing

Mr Pleasant

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thegarner, I had a similar issue when helping a friend set up a Samsung LCD TV with a DVD recorder that output progressive in component form. It didn't work initially, but it wasn't about setting component ON, it was a question of setting something else OFF - trouble is, I can't recall what! It might have been RGB... Sorry I can't be more specific, but have a really good look in both manuals and be on the look out for incompatible options.


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Cheers for the advice guys.

I've been through the Pioneer menus in great detail and can't find anything specific. As it stood the option to choose whether the component output is progressive or interlaced was greyed out. My friend worked out that by changing the type of Scart output to Video (instead of RGB) enabled this component. Unfortunately it didn't then enable the component output.

nbicker - is there a specific option you can tell me? In the menu I've got a choice for the type of component output but not a choice of it being turned on or off.


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It's fixed!

Who knows what the problem was. I played with the menu for a bit longer and it got it working.

Cheers for the help guys :)

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