TOSHIBA 32WLT58:Pre Purchase Concerns-Please Help


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Hello Everyone,
I have just sold a Sony 36" Wega CRT to make way for a LCD and I have had my eye on the 32WLT58 from Tosh.`WhatPlasma & LCDTV Mag recently rated the 32WL56P as their `Star Buy`,which was good news if we assume that Tosh will use some or all of the tech `know how` with the 58. This evening, I happened to stumble across a review on the 32WL56 from another Forum and thought I would bring it to your attention. It goes like this.....

Name: Neil
Location: West Sussex, UK
Review: I also had trouble finding reviews but more have appeared since and this TV has got VERY good reviews in the relevant magazines. I purchased mine from for £888 (less on-line but I wanted to pick it up myself). Originally I thought this device was awesome and, oddly, the screen was noticeably larger than my 32" CRT widescreen TV. Having used it for a while there are a few things I find a bit annoying. Firstly, and I am sure this is a generic LCD TV issue, unless you look at it pretty much straight-on you really start to lose colours and definition. The blurb claims 170 degree viewing angle but I'd say any more than 30 degrees off centre and you really notice picture degradation. I also have trouble getting the colours right and I’m constantly fiddling with the menu. Generally it is very difficult not to get people with purple faces. One real bug-bear I have is screen buzz, If you have the screen brightness over 40 you can hear a constant buzz from the screen (only if listening in a quiet room e.g. at night). I have seen this as a common problem on AV Forums so it's not just mine. The picture on cartoons is very, very good but does suffer from jagged edges. Pictures through DVD are amazing, especially if you connect via the HDMI. Having said that, if you watch a computer generated movie like "The Incredibles" or "Monsters Inc" it is amazing. If you watch normal movies you discover another LCD failing, with dark pictures looking very washed-out. They are ok when watching in broad daylight but at night dark scenes look very grey instead of black (even with back-stretch turned on). I don't think this is specific to this TV but more to LCD TV's in general. On the whole, if you watch a lot of standard TV (not DVD), even if it is Sky through the RGB socket you still probably cant beat a CRT TV. If you just watch DVD's I'd probably still suggest a standard (high quality) CRT. If all you watch is cartoons and computer animated movies this thing is amazing. If you are thinking of buying one of these or any LCD TV I'd see if you can try one out first. At the very least go to your local TV store and try looking at it from the kind of angles you will when at home, and from the same kind of distances. Take a movie along that you have already tried on your TV at home or try on a CRT TV in the store. As LCD TV's go this is probably one of the best. The big question is have LCD TV's really reached CRT quality yet? I'll let you decide....
Date Posted: 07 October 2005

Guys?, Does this review rings any bells with anyone?

Please advise me asap, as my credit card is at the ready.

If you did read all this - I thank you

Regards, mhd


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The concerns raised are pretty much applicable to LCD technology as a whole. There have been previous discussions on these exact issues under CRT vs LCD threads. I don't know what you want us to say? You have to weigh up the disadvantages against the benefits and decide for yourself as the WLT58 does not overcome these inherant weaknesses.

Personally I havn't noticed humming coming from my WLT58 but UI havn't listened out for it; I will do now..;)

EDIT: lol, haivng a read over my original comment I think I was being overly critical. If you are willing to put some time into it you can get a very good image from Sky on the 32WL58; perfectly acceptable. You are also future proofing yourself for HD with two HDMI sockets. I'm definitely happy with my purchase thus far. All I was trying to say it that you should not have unrealistic expectations of LCD screens. If you need black blacks then I honestly don't think LCDs are for you full stop; they just can't get CRT level pure at the moment. There is a viewing angle but it does not deteriorate to the extent that the image becomes unwatchable at the extremes. Having said that looking at the set head on gives easily the most impressive image/

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